Friday, 20 February 2009

passion pit @ pure groove

My passion for Passion Pit was starting wane slightly. I discovered them over the summer and spent a lot of my spare time listening to their MySpace. I did however begin to lose a bit of interest. I was really keen to hear more and I still loved their tunes but I had just started listening to other things. But when I found out they were playing an in store at Pure Groove I was eager to see how they translated their ridiculously euphoric, synth driven pop live.

So after a hearty traditional German lunch we wandered down to Pure Groove. Despite suffering from technical difficulties they put on a great, albeit brief show. Lead singer Michael Angelakos greeted everyone with an exuberant hello, only to be greeted with a sea of blank faces. ‘Jeez, you guys alright?’ obviously slightly deterred, ‘We’ve come along to see you guys’. Welcome to London! (Although in all fairness the crowd was far more enthusiastic by the end of their set).

They were obviously suffering from technical problems but this did not stop them from giving it their all. All their songs sounded a lot bigger live than on record and amazingly Michael could hit all the high notes live. My one criticism is that they perhaps could have done with some backing vocals, but that’s only a very small complaint. I’ve Got Your Number was absolutely massive as were the ridiculous synth solos at the end. And yes, Sleepyhead was great. It sounded even more like a massive anthem in the waiting. Unfortunately their show at Cargo on Monday is sold out because I’d love to them do a full set at a proper venue. My Passion for the Pit is back.

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