Monday, 6 July 2009

Egyptian Hip Hop

Firstly, great name, Eygpitian Hip Hop, I’ve got to hand it to them, really great name. You may or not be dissapointed to hear they don’t sound anything like Eygpitian hip hop, not that I’m really sure what that sounds like, but I’m pretty sure it’s nothing like this. The band,who hail from Manchester, are apparently still in school, and you can definitely tell it’s a young band but their three demos that I’ve heard so far really shows promise. (I’ve just read they’ve only played three gigs, which is pretty scary). Rad Pitt (again, great name) has already been on repeat for days. A sort of lo-fi Cure with a bit of John and Jehn mixed in there, with cascading guitars, huanting yet uplifiting electronics and their part sung part spoken vocals all adding to probably one of the best demos I’ve heard this year, certainly from a band so young. Unfortunately I won’t be in London for the next gig but they’ve got three upcomng gigs in Manchester and London so go and check them out.

Egyptian Hip Hop-Rad Pitt